How to treat and prevent dry heels

Dry heels are not only ugly; they also feel uncomfortable and could lead to serious foot issues. If untreated, they could indicate bigger problems such as cracked heels and foot infections. Therefore, treating your dry heels not only ensures your comfort while walking or resting your feet and eliminates pain, but also assures that they are healthy and in top condition.

Causes of dry heels

Exposure to the elements or air is one of the major causes of dry heels along with lack of moisture. Other reasons tied to this condition include excess pressure on the heels due to body weight and wearing of inappropriate shoes. There are also people who suffer from dry heels because they are on their feet the whole day due to the nature of their jobs. Diet plays a role as well while there are people who have dry skin by nature. An existing medical condition also contributes to this situation.

Remedies and treatment

If you have dry heels, there are easy remedies that can be done such as soaking the feet in warm water to soften hard skin, moisturising the feet with hydrating creams, improving diet, and wearing the right type of footwear. Shoes should not be tight and should provide the cushioning that the feet need. An important thing to remember is that hard skin on heels should not be cut or shaved. It is best to see a doctor to check if this is necessary. In some cases, the doctor might strap the fissures together to allow cracked skin to heal, prescribe medications, and medicated creams or ointments. Avoiding excessive standing and going barefoot for long periods also help in preventing dry heels.

Foot care

Hence, dry heels are not only treatable, but also preventable. Along with foot care remedies, improving diets, and wearing the right shoes, dry heels can be avoided if the proper attention is given to the feet. If in doubt, consult a podiatrist who can assess the condition of your heels and prescribe the right medications and relief treatments. Remember to heed any warnings that may be suggested to make those heels healthy and looking good.

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