Dolce & Gabbana 2013 Sicilian summertime make up look

Stefano Dolce and Domenico Gabbana - Dolce & Gabbana, are slightly obsessed with Sicily and it couldn’t be any different considering that the Italian island is Dolce’s birthplace, and the early years they were famously known for their “Sicilian widow” fashion look.

Dolce and Gabbana’s 2013 Spring and Summer prints are a joyful and colorful celebration tribute to the historic traditions of Sicily, from the donkey or horse drawn ornate carts, the highly symbolic theater puppets from the Opera dei Pupi, to the handcrafted ceramic vases from the city of Caltagirone.

Pat McGrath, the brands creative advisor for the last ten years, captures the earthy, yet very glamorous Mediterranean summertime look with a perfect interpretation of the Sicilian beauty and contemporary style through D&G’s new 2013 make up collection, that sees the arrival of another fabulous limited edition series eloquently called Charms, with its glorious lip liners in four different colors: Fire, Dahlia, Nude and Soft and four eyeliners : Platinum, Coffee, Stromboli and Black colors, and all of them are decorated with a dangling golden chain that has a small and perfect talisman at the end of it.

The second limited edition make up collection is called Ruby and symbolizes all the fiery Sicilian passion that D&G puts in all their creations, and it's also their favorite stone, and it’s with these cosmetics that McGrath shows how to obtain a very glowing and luminous and flawless Sicilian sun kissed skin (two shades of foundation and mixing three blushes is the clue in obtaining it) and a pair of very sultry cat eyes, that sees the use of a chocolate brown eye liner pencil before drawing out the line with a black liquid eyeline, which McGrath says "this is one of the most difficult things to do in the world" and she finishes off with mixing two lipsticks to dab on to your lips with your fingers.

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