Doin' it like a dudette

She's been sporting that severe bob haircut for a while now, so it seemed about time for Jessie J to unveil a new look to keep our interest at 'obsessive amateur paparazzi' levels. But even we at FashionJunkie, with our formidable trendspotting skills, didn't see this one coming. The feisty Brit singer turned up at last night's Glamour Awards with brand new shiny long hair extensions and oozing Jessica Rabbit-esque sex appeal.

Jessie picked up the Best Dressed award at the event, wearing a floorlength black sequin strapless dress perfectly accented with a big blingy jewelled necklace. But attention was mainly focused on her new black and red-wine coloured shoulder-length 'do.

Proving that she can do girlie girl just as well as badass tom boy, Jessie's new look is part 1940s pin up, part sophisticated lay-dee out for dinner at the Ivy. Gone are the studded lips, replaced with a more toned down natural make up look. What do you think of the change? About time, or too soon?

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