Do you know about the different types of mascara?

Believe it or not, there are dozens of different types of mascara, each offering a different level of thickness, coverage and definition. If you always thought that all mascaras were basically the same, this handy guide will help you to understand, identify and choose between the different types of mascara.

The different types of mascara

Lengthening mascara

Lengthening mascara is the perfect remedy for short, straight eyelashes. The applicators of lengthening mascaras have dense bristles that are designed to coat to the very tip of the lash.

So how does lengthening mascara work? Most include short synthetic fibres which give a "lash extension" effect.

A word of warning: most lengthening mascaras have a thick consistency so apply in good light and double check for clumps.

Thickening/volumising mascara

Thickening mascara is designed to bulk out lashes and give the appearance of denser, fuller lashes. These mascaras contain a thicker formula of waxes and silicone polymers that add volume.

Thickening mascaras are perfect for people with thin lashes whose eyes tend to look "overdone" or oily with regular mascaras. Unlike lengthening mascaras, they don't physically apply synthetic fibres and are designed to complement the shape and colour of your natural lashes. Filmifying chemicals coat lashes and make them appear thicker.

It's possible to add an extra layer of thickening mascara for an even fuller look, but be cautious as the components tend to clump more easily than regular mascaras.

Lash defining mascara

Lash defining mascara can simply considered to be the whole package: colour, length and volume.

Most types of modern mascara can offer all of these properties, but lash defining mascaras are unique in that they contain specialised pigments and polymers to define lashes from root to tip.

Lash defining mascaras are a good everyday product, especially the thinner consistency mascaras that can give a more natural, casual look.

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