Do fashion and oil mix?

Those recent images from the media are still raw in the minds of the general public, lobbyists and natural conservationists alike: a BP pipe freely spewing forth gouts of oil into the sea. Now, it seems that art, or more importantly fashion is imitating life as Vogue Italia includes a photo-shoot entitled 'Water & Oil' in its August edition, the Guardian reports.

In a 24 page spread that features silver-haired model Kristen McMenamy, models lie sprawled on seemingly oil-slick covered coastlines, bedraggled in couture made from birds feathers, netting and feathers.

Reactions to the images have been mixed. Some 'blogs have questioned the editorial decision; the aptly named fashion site Refinery 29 feels uneasy at the glamorisation of the disaster.' However, this hasn't put off Vogue Italia's creative director Carlo Ducci from issuing a response to the criticism:

'We can't be silent in this kind of situation and why shouldn't our interpretation be artistic?'

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