We check out where you can buy disco inferno style fancy dress costumes

The 70's may be long gone, but as long as there is fancy dress it will survive in spirit! It doesn't matter what the occasion, or what time of the year it is, the good old fashioned disco inferno style fancy dress costume will never go out of style - unlike the music that spawned it!

So if you've got a function or fancy dress party coming up and you aren't entirely sure what exactly you want to go as, we recommend stepping up the funk and checking out a disco inferno style fancy dress costume.

There are a number of great fancy dress websites online that you can check out in order to ensure that you're the most kicking cat at the party, and we have decided to take a look at them today.

First of all, you need to decide how much you would like to spend on your costume, because this will very much determine what is a realistic option for you and what isn't. We'll start by taking a look at allsortsfancydress.com.

As you may have guessed, this website caters for all kinds of fancy dress tastes, however they really come into their own when you check out the 70s offerings they have in stock. For just £22.39 you'll be able to pick up a hilarious disco jumpsuit that will wow your friends and colleagues, or alternatively you could check out their black velour flares for just £16.99. And of course no disco inferno costume would be complete without a novelty afro wig, which can be yours for just £4.50!

Alternatively, you might want to take a look around some of the other UK based fancy dress sites. We recommend the following;

  • fancydress.com
  • escapade.co.uk
  • acefancydress.co.uk
  • fancydresscostumes.co.uk
  • fancydressoutfitters.co.uk

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