D&G Fragrance: Blue Living Stromboli, Dreaming in Portofino

Dolce & Gabbana made news throughout the world when the classic Light Blue fragrance was launched in 2001, a scent loved by many. Since then, there have been other fragrances released by the Italian perfume maker. For this year, D&G pays tribute to two great Mediterranean towns: Stromboli and Portofino. D&G launches: Blue Living Stromboli for men, Dreaming in Portofino for women.

Stromboli is an island near Sicily on the Tyrrhenian Sea boasting of three volcanoes. The Light Blue Living Stromboli is a woody and citrusy scent. The core of the fragrance is based on marine accord and geranium strewn with patchouli, mossy metiver and amber. Stromboli is for the adventurous, outdoorsy man who is sensual and active at the same time. The fragrance opens with hints of pepper and is overtaken by the woody and fruity scent.The same Light Blue for men bottle is used filled with a pristine blue liquid reminiscent of the ocean while the cap is in silver and white.

Portofino for women is a fragrance dedicated to another Mediterranean village. The original Light Blue bottle for women is filled with a mixture of fascinating and amazing odours. Like the men’s fragrance, the blue colour of the fluid is dominant.The fragrance opens with the top notes of lychee. As you discover the fragrance, you'll notice the floral infusion of iris and osmanthus while the base consists of musk, patchouli, and amber. Portofino is light, ideal for warm, summer days. This type of fragrance is suitable for the sensual, adventurous yet feminine woman.

Both scents are available as eau de toilette in 75 or 125 ml. However, they are released by D&G as limited editions, so if you want a change of fragrance this season, try these for something distinct.

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