Extravagant designer engagement rings

The modern practice of proposing with engagement rings is symbolic in nature, a pledge to honour the promise of matrimony. From simple to designer engagement rings, there is no question that it costs money just to pop the question. We take a look at the most lavish engagement rings worn by well-known women for inspiration.

Famous personalities and their engagement rings

  • Kate Middleton

One of the most famous designer engagement rings of all time is the blue sapphire engagement ring given to Kate Middleton by Prince William. The 18-carat oval cut blue sapphire encrusted with 14 sparkling diamonds was first used by Prince Charles when he proposed to Diana Spencer in 1997. The sapphire alone is worth $300,000 and the ring around $500,000. The ring was made by Garrards, the Royal Family’s jewellery supplier. It is one of the oldest jewellery houses in the world and they have been creating jewelleries for the British royals since 1843.

  • Hilary Duff

Singer and actress Hilary Duff received a 14-karat radiant cut diamond engagement ring from hockey player Mike Comrie. The sparkler costs $1 million.

  • Beyonce

Beyonce married rap mogul Jay-Z in 2008 and it was a hush-hush affair. However, the 18-karat diamond engagement ring he slipped on the singer's finger made headlines. It is valued at a whopping $5 million. The engagement ring is from Lorraine Schwartz Diamonds & Fine Jewelry, a New York city-based business. Schwartz has made jewelleries for famous celebrities such as Cate Blanchett and Jennifer Lopez.

  • Kim Kardashian

Knock yourself out with the 20.5-carat diamond ring given by Kanye West to Kim Kardashian. It is one of the most extravagant engagement rings ever.


The best designer engagement rings are not only made from brilliant diamonds and sapphires. Precious stones are also used like the 5-carat ruby engagement ring received by Jessica Simpson. The beautiful ring is flanked by two 5-carat pear-shaped diamonds. Even the late former US First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy got an emerald engagement ring from JFK as Halle Berry’s 4-carat green sparklers from Olivier Martinez.

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