Remedies for those awful dark circles under the eyes

Waking up to puffy eyes and dark circles under the eyes is discouraging, but it is not an unusual problem affecting men, women, and even children. There are plenty of reasons why you get those eye bags and finding out why you have them is the first step. The good news is, there is a remedy to eliminate those horrible bags off your face and maybe, even out of your life for ever.

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Reasons for dark circles under eyes

There are various reasons for why you might suffer from dark circles under the eyes, ranging from genetics to lifestyle choices.

Lack of sleep

Staying up late continuously whether due to habit, night work shifts, or partying contribute to a haggard and tired look. Although the amount of sleep everyone needs varies and even diminishes as we grow older, there is no substitute for a full rest at night for fresh-looking and bag-free eyes.


Tensions and undue stress in life can make anyone weary and uptight. From habitual worrying to job tensions, all these contribute to getting those unsightly dark circles.

Poor diet

An unhealthy diet gives way to lots of problems, not only in terms of being vulnerable to diseases and sickness, but also changes in skin and eye appearances.


Smoking and drinking are culprits when it comes to developing unsightly eye bags. Mayo clinic lists caffeine and nicotine as sources of horrible stuff that encourage the appearance of dark eye circles.

Genetic factors

Dark circles under eyes can be hereditary and anomalies in pigmentation are reasons for the existence of those dark patches.

Remedies for dark circles under eyes

Depending on the cause of the dark circles, there are plenty of possible remedies to lessen the appearance of dark circles.

Ample rest

Getting enough sleep and rest are obviously easy cures for dark circles under eyes.


If you don’t have the luxury of getting enough sleep, turn to simple remedies such as cooling your eyes with homeopathic and natural ingredients. The age-old custom of using cucumber has beneficial effects as it literally cools down the skin beneath the eyes where the bags sit, reducing puffiness and discolourations.

Improving lifestyles

Abstain from caffeine and nicotine to reduce those dark patches. Avoid them like the plague to even eliminate dark circles


With hundreds of concealers and make-up to hide those eye bags, it is a matter of choosing the right one to fit your skin tone and type.

Cosmetic surgery

Cosmetic surgery is another possibility to eliminate dark circles such as laser treatments and blepharoplasty where excess skin is removed under the eyes and stretched. There are also non-surgical treatments such as facial filler and serum injections. Note that personal expectations have to be realistic when going for this option.


True, eye bags are unsightly, eroding self-confidence. Tons of make-up can only hide the imperfections and flaws under a layer of correction fluid, but we all know that we have those eye bags to show once the make-up is removed.

If dark circles under eyes bother you that much, talk to your doctor, dermatologist or cosmetic surgeon to check if you are eligible for surgery or to see if these are symptoms of medical problems you might be having but are not aware of such as allergies and skin diseases.

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