Beauty tips for dark circles and shadows

There are several factors that can cause dark circles and shadows; age, for example, will naturally thin your skin under the eye, and tiredness can darken the colour.

Dark circles and shadows can also be caused due to allergies, heredity links and sun exposure.

Invest in a good concealer to cover up shadows and dark areas. A yellow undertone concealer will neutralise purple shadows. Use a finger to gently dab the concealer into the skin for a natural finish. Allow it to sit on the skin for one to two minutes so it can dry slightly.

Drinking plenty of water can help plump up thin skin under the eye. You should also cut down on sodium and caffeine before bed, as these can promote water retention under your eyes.

A good eye cream can also help to solve unwanted circles and shadows. There are creams available in every price range that promise to help rid your eyes of dark circles and shadows. Look for those with vitamin K, which is a skin-lightening vitamin, or creams with alpha hydroxy acid, which also lightens unwanted pigment.

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