Dare to wear?

Ever wanted to look like Lady Gaga? OK, perhaps it’s not a look that everyone can pull off, but from time to time we could all do with taking a few style risks and who better to learn from than the queen of shock pop herself?

Vogue India reports that make up giant MAC has launched a range of eyeshadows and lip glasses inspired by the Lady. The collection comes in a variety of pop art colours including fuchsias, yellows and bright blues and is called, fittingly, Dare to Wear.

The collection is unashamedly in-your-face, encouraging you to be bold and daring this autumn. High intensity pigments and holographic pearl finishes allow you to create ultra dramatic looks in a single coat. With names like Louder Please, Going Bananas, Shock-a-holic and Bold & Brash, this is definitely a collection for the wild and heart. We love!

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