Daisy models for mum

Pearl Lowe's vintage inspired collection for Peacocks has been a sell-out success, based on the age old recipe of rock 'n' roll, 40's glam and famous faces. Pearl's daughter Daisy has been the face of the clothing range from the start, and has helped add a sprinkling of youth and glamour. Daisy's star has risen in the last couple of years, aided by the addition of Dr Who's Matt Smith as her posh totty arm candy, and a well-publicised shoot for Playboy.

Speaking about the collection to Vogue, Daisy said, 'I love the spotted dress because it's easy to throw on every day for any occasion. Mum makes dresses that flatter the female form.'

While Pearl explained the creative process, saying, 'In the Forties, people had to make their own dresses, so everything was so original and beautifully made. The prints, however, were inspired by my favourite singer Stevie Nicks. I predict the black dress with the white lace trim to be another sell out, as it's a follow on from last year's black dress with the lace collar that sold out in a week.'

The collection comprises vintage-style tea dresses, blouses with peter pan collars (this season's must wear collar, doncha know), pencil skirts and accessories. The clothes hit the rails in stores and online on September 8th. The last collection sold out in the blink of an eye after celebrities from Holly Willoughby to Alexa Chung were spotted in the dresses, sparking a rush to Peacocks.

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