Daisy does Playboy

Daisy Lowe has mainly made a name for herself as a game gal, willing to take her kit off in the name of art. And now the Londoner has taken part in a shoot for the ultimate lads mag, Playboy. Her mum must be so proud...In the interview accompanying the shoot, Daisy talks about coming to terms with finding out that her dad was Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, and not the man who raised her.

Daisy told Playboy, 'My whole life I thought my father was someone different. But Gavin and Gwen (Stefani) are really good people, and I value so much the time we get together. After seven years we’ve worked out how to be a family. I guess you can’t deny my rock-and-roll heritage! Both my parents – or all four of them – have done well in the music scene. I’ve grown up with rock and roll, but that’s not who I am. People think rock chick is code for ‘parties hard’ – but I don’t. In reality I’m a homebody. I love going to bed at midnight – apart from when I’m in Paris for fashion shows.'

Daisy all gave a shout-out to her mother for teaching her to steer clear of drugs, albeit in an unconventional way, saying, 'When it comes to drugs I just think, cool, thanks for learning that lesson for me, Mum, because I don’t want to have to learn it myself.'

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