Daily fail

Topshop has found itself in a very uncomfortable position after eating disorder groups lobbied the retailer to remove an image of a very thin looking girl from its website. Anorexia expert Helen Davies told the Daily Mail: 'For girls to see pictures of models who are this thin suggests that it's okay to be like that but it's clearly not. This is not the sort of thing we want to see in magazines and on the internet. It's a constant battle against eating disorders and Topshop is not helping matters.’

However Topshop insist that the model, Codie Young, is a perfectly healthy size 8, claiming that the image in question was taken at an angle which may have accentuated her frame and made her appear thinner. They have removed the offending image but refused to take any other shots of Codie down from the site.

The Daily Mail, always helpfully on hand to protect the nation’s slipping morals, contacted Topshop about the image, to which the retailer responded: ‘Topshop is confident that Codie is a healthy young woman and we do not feel it necessary to remove her from our imagery based on your feature. However we do recognise regretfully that the angle this image has been shot at may accentuate Codie's proportions making her head look bigger and neck longer in proportion to her body…Topshop is proud of its heritage of celebrating individual-looking girls who offer an alternative more unusual beauty, however we take your comments very seriously. As you may have noticed we have taken down that specific image at the earliest opportunity.’

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