CZ Bones in binbag mishap

We've all been there haven't we? The 'horrible binliner moment'. No? You haven't? Well suspend disbelief because according to the Daily Mail - purveyors of acid-tongued fash-critique - the binliner is a classic blunder, and now even CZJones (or, Bones, as she's been coined) has made it. Bones is seen stepping out in the waste-disposal creation at an awards ceremony in New York. What's more, the binbag was from the Marchesa Autumn 2009 collection. 2009! A whole year ago!

Standing strong in the face of the fashion bullies, we rather like Catherine's daring fashion statement. That's not to say we'd ever attempt to wear it..but compared to her recent fashion flops, it's inspired. Sigh. It was so much easier in the days of cutesy Darling Buds of May shorts and knotted at the waist checked shirts wasn't it....

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