Cute Hair Accessories: Do you dare?

Boutiques have the cutest hair accessories today and it is hard to resist temptation when you see a big-feathered bow that would great with your hairstyle. But wanting and wearing cute hair accessories are two different things. The easiest way to pull them off is to pick the right occasion and the right outfit so you sport a cute adult look not a childish one.

When to Wear Cute Hair Accessories

Number one rule: NEVER wear cute hair accessories to the office. That is more than a fashion faux pas; it could be a career killer. If you are going to wear cute hair accessories, keep them for appropriate places and times.

Holiday parties are the perfect settings to try out a few cute pieces. A big black feathered headband would go perfectly with a glamorous holiday dress.

Clubbing and hen nights are another great occasion for cute hair accessories. A Gold Saturn Spiked Headband from Nasty Gal would look terrific with long flowing hair and a clubbing outfit.

A daytime date could also be acceptable for cute hair accessories. Stick to retro ones so that it does not look like you are going for childish cute, like an Orange Crush Headband or Hessian Flower Headband both from Topshop.

How to Wear Cute Hair Accessories

If you are going to dress up your hair, the more flamboyant and over the top cute the hair accessory is the more downplayed the outfit needs to be.

Cute hair accessories like big bowed headbands, sparkly barrettes, and jewelled clips all do well to liven up an outfit. Cute hair accessories can even make a t-shirt and jeans look glamorous, if you pick the right style.


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