Cute and creative pony tails for a fashionable look

No matter what the season, pony tails are very effective hairstyles to complement an outfit. Apart from being stylish, these hairdos are also clean looking, elegant and chic with a hint of girlishness. Let us begin with the styles you can experiment with from a classic scrunchie tie to a sideswept hairdo.

Pretty styles

pony tails are often dismissed as hairstyles which work best when you’re in a hurry or as a last minute solution when you’re having a bad hair day. On the contrary, we find that pony tails are not only classic but look timeless as well. Any woman, young or old will look great with a ponytail. Let us check out some of the styles that look fabulous for an elegant evening, casual wear, and even on the fashion runway.

  • Classic ponytail

This is the simplest and quickest solution when you don't have enough time to do your hair or you can't figure out what to do with it. Use colourful scrunchies to brighten your hair.

  • Three layer ponytail

Separate your hair in three parts; one at the top of the ears, the second one just below the ears and the last part at nape level. Use black hair ties for a professional look at work or don a colourful one for a casual appearance. This ponytail is easy and quick to do.

  • ‘Sideswept’ style

A pretty and young style, this works best on newly washed hair. You can also curl the ends of your mane after blowing it dry. Once dry, tie your hair on the same side as your part. Make sure it is at level with your eyebrows.

  • Casual ponytail

Tie your hair with an elastic to get that pony tail. Next, twist it and use a barrette pin to put it up.

  • Rolled ponytail

Part your hair in the middle. Starting on either side, grab a bunch of hair and roll it towards the centre. Fasten with a clip or tie. Do the same with the other side. Both ends should meet in the middle. Secure both ends with a clip or an elastic.

Chic and timeless

Yes, pony tails are here to stay. It only takes the right styles to change into the look you want from young and preppy to elegant and sophisticated. If you haven’t tried them yet, consider styling your hair into a pony tail and see how it changes your look, complement your outfit, and maybe alter your mood (for the better, of course).

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