How to blowdry curly hair

Blowdrying curly hair can be a really hair-raising experience. It's difficult to mould unruly kinks and frizz into shape, but with the right tools it's much easier to conjure dream curls. In fact, a few little tips and tricks can help you to achieve gorgeous, shiny and perfectly shaped curls.

Get gorgeous hair

Almost every woman struggles with bad hair days once in a while. If you have naturally curly hair, it may be difficult to keep frizz at bay. If your hair is straight, it can be difficult to maintain a style that holds. Both problems can be solved with the right blowdrying technique and some tips and tricks.

A good blowdry only requires a little patience, a steady hand and the right care products.

For the perfect curl styling, we recommend that you use special products. This includes a shampoo, a conditioner or a serum created especially for curly hair.

After washing, don't leave your hair to air dry - wrap your locks in a towel if you're not ready to blowdry. Apply a little curl energising spray (is your hair is straight) or curl taming spray (if your hair is natural curly).

Natural curls can be achieved by blowdrying strand by strand. A hair dryer diffuser shapes the individual curls with hot air.

Straight hair is best curled by tackling individual strands either with tongs or by forming with your fingers while blow drying. A round brush is also very useful for this purpose, and can help to achieve more varied, casual curls.

Perfecting curly hair

Whether your hair is naturally straight or curly, a good hairspray can be a girl's best friend. It can add shine, volume to the roots and hold your style in place for up to 24 hours. Perfect curls require a little maintenance - but a beautiful head of hair is worth almost any effort!

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