Curly hair hairstyles: some tips

One of the most common experiences known to humankind is the ‘bad hair day’. Many of us appreciate what it’s like to stand before a mirror and glare at the kinks and curls that refuse to co-operate when we are trying to get our hair to appear as smart and stylish as possible. But curly hair hairstyles can look terrific.

Some great curly hairstyles

One of the key aspects of achieving excellent curly hair hairstyles is to tackle the overall haircut. If the curl is too top-heavy, density is lost at the ends. Too much weight at the bottom will end up giving the appearance of a 1980s footballer, which is certainly not a good look for the 21st century. The trouble with curls is that most people are intimidated by the thought of thei rhair exploding into a mess.

There are certain basic steps you can take. Firstly, when you are showering, you should use a moisturizing conditioner. By getting as much conditioner into your hairas possible, it will become much more manageable. The curls will be softened, making them more pliable and less likely to gain a life of their own. Another tip is to look for products containing coconut or olive oil, as these contain hydrating elements which add weight to any hair, defining curls and making them so much easier to manipulate. This helps to prevent an unwanted ‘frizzy’effect.

The product should be applied when the hair is still damp, straight after the shower. When it dries along with the hair, this can help neutralize the curls. Next, blow-dry the roots without the diffuser attachment, adding this before tackling the ends. When you cut down the drying time, the curls will come naturally.

Curls for any hair style

While it is more difficult to achieve curly hair hairstyles if the hair is naturally long and fine, the look can be achieved if you use the correct ingredients. Apply a mousse with conditioning ingredients rather than a spray. The latter can be too heavy, causing hair to look artificially coiled. After appliance, blow dry hair at the roots, then use a diffuser at the ends.

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