How to use a curling tong

A curling tong or curling iron uses heat to create curls or waves in hair. Curling tongs come in different shapes and sizes, with varying diameter, material used and shape of barrel and handle. The barrel’s diameter can vary from half an inch to two inches, with smaller barrel being used to create spiral curls or ringlets and larger barrels bring used to create shape and volume in a hairstyle. The material used to make a curling tong also varies widely with Teflon, ceramic, metal and titanium among others being used. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages.

The shape of the barrel itself can be anything from a cylinder to a cone or even reverse cone. Curling tongs can have two or three barrels and may include a brush. Most curling tongs have a spring loaded handle. Advanced curling tongs that are charged with ionic energy are available, which make the hair smoother and easier to manage.

Curling tongs should be used on hair that is clean and dry. Use thermal spray or a heat serum on your hair before using the tongs. Separate your hair into one to two inch strands and roll the tongs from the tip to about an inch from the scalp. Hold for 10 seconds and release, repeating the procedure for the rest of your hair. This is a time-consuming process, so set aside an hour for the whole operation. Once you have created the desired curls, use a holding spray to set your hair and get ready to flaunt your gorgeous new hairstyle.

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