CrossFit Games

For those who are interested in watching and/or participating in events that test your physical and mental strength and endurance, the CrossFit Games are an event not to be missed. There are individual, masters, and group categories which make the games all the more entertaining and inspiring. Here is a general overview of what CrossFit and the games involve.

Not for the Fainthearted

The CrossFit Games began back in 2007 and have undeniably become more popular over time. In 2011 they opened it up to wider audience by introducing online workout competitions.

For five weeks in the Spring, CrossFit post a weekly workout online that needs to be video taped or completed at an affiliate gym, then submitted with scores before the week is done. This year the 1st workout was released on Feb 27, 2014 and the 5th and final workout we be released on March 27, 2014.

Once the Opens are completed, the top athletes from the 17 regions head on to regional competitions. This happens over 4 weekends in May and is a live competition. From there, the top 3 male and top 3 female go to CrossFit games.

At the Games, each athlete is awarded points upon completion of each event and the ones with the most points are the winners. It is a game of both strength and strategy. In theory, you could win without ever winning a single event.

The athletes may not know their endurance or sprint event until days, hours, or minutes before the game takes place. Some examples are a 50 yard sprint with 4 obstacles or a 1000m row then 5 rounds of 25 pull ups and 7 push jerks (135/85lbs).

Try It

For those that may enjoy watching the CrossFit Games and want to get more involved, check out the local gym that may participate in CrossFit. Or for those that want to see it up close, look for a regional event in your area and check if they need any volunteers. Another option is to go to their website and try out the different workout regimes on your own and see how you do.

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