We check out the best places to buy Crocs online in Ireland

As any of you who have tried searching for Irish based online retailers of Crocs will have learned, there is a surprising lack of places on the Emerald Isle from which to buy them. Indeed, there is such a dearth of online retailers that many people have turned to ordering from the United Kingdom and mainland Europe in order to avoid paying the overinflated prices found on the high street.

The problem with ordering from non-Irish companies is that you can never be quite sure as to how reputable they are, or how long they tend to take with their shipping times. You will also incur additional shipping charges in most cases, far more than you would expect to pay from an Irish based store.

Unfortunately this is simply the price you pay when it comes to trying to save yourself some money in the long haul, and once you're okay with waiting a few additional days for your order to arrive, you should be able to make significant savings by using this method.

Taylor Shoes are based just outside Kansas City, in Overland Park, but have one of the most impressive and reasonably priced selections of Crocs on their online store that we have seen to date. Located at www.taylorshoes.com, their Crocs range from €13.99 to €31.62, already representing huge savings over the high street prices charged in Ireland.

To make things even more inviting, you'll also be able to save ten per cent on your order by applying the code Ten when you check out. Regular shipping takes between fourteen and twenty one working days, although you can expect to take receipt of your goods a little faster than that in most cases.

If you want to buy your Crocs online closer to Ireland, check out www.next.com which has an excellent variety of Crocs ranging from €27 to €58. They may not be as cheap as Taylor Shoes, but being based in the United Kingdom means that you can expect delivery in much shorter order, so it'll be up to you to decide if you'd rather pay a little extra in order to get them sooner or not.

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