Courteney's bargainous beauty secret

There's nothing we love more in the world of fashion and beauty than a top high-street product recommendation that doesn't break the bank. Especially when the advice comes from Hollywood celebrity, and owner of the world's shiniest hair, Courteney Cox. Courtney has started writing a column about beauty, and has kindly given her 'can't-live-without-'em' picks to use mere mortals.

Courtney's friend Jane, who runs beauty blog, XOJane.com, said, 'Ever since I met Courteney at an Italian restaurant in Laurel Canyon 15 years ago and she filled in my eyebrows at the dinner table with a No. 2 charcoal art pencil from her bag, I've been getting all my best home and beauty tips from this girl. Now she's going to be giving them to you.'

Courteney wrote, 'For dark-haired girls who don't like red hues coming through, I use Clairol Natural Instincts Brass-Free For Brunettes'

And how much does Courteney's recommended hair-dye cost? A very budget friendly five quid. We'll take a thousand packs, thanks Cox.

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