Purse Smart Cosmetic Bags

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Going out for the night or even to the office during the day sometimes requires that you have a few makeup essentials on hand. The problem is keeping those essentials organized in your purse so you can whip out your lipstick in a moment’s notice when necessary. The only remedy to that is choosing purse smart cosmetic bags. Purse smart makeup bags are ones are compact enough to fit in the purse comfortably but big enough to hold what you need, like these three smart cosmetic bag choices found online.

Modella Cosmetic Bags

Modella cosmetic bags range in style, size and price, but the one that stands out is the Modella Ultimate Stripe Cosmetic Clutch Bag available at Amazon.co.uk. This funky multi-coloured striped makeup bag stands out. It has a laminated finish so it is easy to clean with a purple waterproof interior to clean up lipstick smudges.

Originally priced at £10 it is now available for £7.45 and if you have some other shopping to do, you can get Super Saver Delivery and have it delivered free to your UK home.

Your M&S Cosmetic Bags

Marks and Spencer is no stranger to providing what you need in stylish designs at good prices. Their Spot Cosmetic Bag is no exception. A cute rectangular shape with a black and white spot design and a black accent bow make this one of the trendiest makeup bags of the season.

You can grab this cute washable bag at Marksandspencer.com for only £5 and carry your makeup essentials easily everywhere you go.

Perfect Cosmetic Bags

If you are in the mood for something girly but classic, Perfthandbags.co.uk has what you are looking for. Their pink and cream floral pattern cosmetic purse snaps shut and is padded with a front pocket.

It is the perfect size to slip into and side pocket of your favourite purse and snaps open easily to grab your lipstick in a flash. Right now, you can grab one of these for just £16.50.


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