Copy Kate

Another day, another Kate Middleton story. It seems the whole world has gone crazy for Kate’s style and now we really need to know one thing: how do we copy it?

The Daily Telegraph reports that the high street has gone mad for Middleton, with many stores offering buyers the chance to get the Kate Look for a fraction of the cost. Jewellery retailer H.Samuel is offering a ‘Lady Diana Royal engagement ring’, available in 9ct and 18ct gold versions, at £179 and £750 respectively. Meanwhile shopping channel QVC reported an 800 per cent increase in sales of its 'Epiphany Platinum Clad Diamonique' ring which sells for a bargainouse £34.42, yet looks strikingly like Kate’s engagement ring.

The Issa London dress Kate wore to announce the engagement sold out within hours of its (now almost legendary) appearance. There are, however, plenty of high street versions which are surprisingly close to the original. Check out Tesco’s F&F version, which launches on 23 November – a very similar design to Kate’s £350 dress, but a snip at £16!

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