How to contour your cheeks

Few of us are born with chiselled, model-like cheeks and cheekbones, but that doesn't mean that we can't fake it! A few clever makeup tricks can contour your cheeks and create the impression of high, sculpted cheekbones. This step-by-step guide will help you to select the right colours and apply them correctly.

How to contour your cheeks

1. Blusher

Choosing and applying blusher is the easiest part of contouring. For a natural glow, take note of the colour of your cheeks when they're flushed - like after you've run for the bus. However, there's a wide palette of colours that are likely to suit your skin tone, so feel free to experiment.

Blusher should be applied to the apples of your cheeks. Smile and these will appear. Ideally the blusher should be applied in a tear shape, with a small circle at of your apple and a sweeping tail that curves slightly round under your eye socket. Blend well. It's best to apply a little colour and build it up rather than apply too much and having to start from scratch.

2. Bronzer

The bronzer is probably the trickiest part of contouring to get right. The key to choosing a good bronzer for contouring is to look for a matte powder, rather than one with a sheen or sparkle (these work as a blusher or highlighter substitute). Look for a deep, shadowy colour - contouring bronzer isn't about adding colour, it's about contours. You need a powder that looks like a natural shadow on your skin.

Suck your cheeks in (like making an goldfish face) and look in the mirror. The shadows that are created under your apples are the ones that should be emphasised with the bronzer. Again, apply a little at a time and add more if needed. The result should be a well-blended line of bronzer.

3. Highlighter

The final step to contour your cheeks is to apply some highlighter to emphasise your cheek bones. A shimmering highlighter is great for nights out, while a illuminating highlighter gives a more natural look.

Dot the highlighter in three or four places along your cheekbone, curving round your eye socket. Then blend along the line (rather than rubbing it up or down).

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