Guide to contact lenses - Blue colour

If you are thinking of wearing contact lenses in blue colour but you are feeling doubtful, rest assured that you are not alone. You probably have naturally dark coloured eyes and as such, likely to have dark tresses too. In other words, you want to try something new but you are of course, not used to it, yet.

How would I look with blue contacts against dark hair?

It's all about your personality

The short answer is; contrasting. Whether this is acceptable or not has more to do with your personality than your dark hair. Do you seem 'the type' or would your friends and family be shocked? Can you predict their reaction and do you accept it? If there are no issues here, you can probably proceed.

Play with varying shades of blue

Otherwise, work around the situation with a blue tone that is less obvious. There are many shades of blue in the market and since the lenses are often colour blended (with a combination of three colours), the blue colour may not be obvious after all. (Lenses that are tinted in blue are the least obvious.)

Yet another solution for you

Last but not least, you can always dye your hair in a lighter colour.

Will the blue colour fade off?

Certainly not. No colour contacts should ever fade off in colour.

Will I see in blue?

Not at all. The part where your eyes see are your pupils and this area of the lens is totally clear and transparent with no colour whatsoever. Your vision is never coloured.

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