Tips for colouring hair with natural products

Hair dyes are very popular among women of all ages, but some of them may have concerns about their long-term effects for the hair. Colouring hair with natural products is an alternative that offers you room for experimentation. The advantage of using these types of colours is that you can adjust the ingredients in order to obtain a custom colour of your own.


Henna is one of the most popular products for dying hair with natural ingredients. This is a safe, all-natural hair dye, which offers permanent colouring without any harsh chemicals. It is important to choose high-quality henna for colouring your hair, because this is the best solution for healthy looking, shiny and vibrant results. Henna can be safely used for colouring hair that has been previously synthetically dyed or bleached.


Amla is a powder obtained from plant extracts that has several benefits. By using it for colouring your hair, you will obtain loosening of waves and curls. Moreover, amla can enhance the uptake of henna on dye-resistant roots, help prevent indigo from fading and add body to lifeless flat hair. When applied on hair that has been previously dyed with henna, amla will darken it to a light brown.


Colouring your hair with indigo is a good choice if you already have dark hair. This is an all-natural dye that will make your hair blue-black and it is a great alternative to black dyes, as it does not contain any chemicals that may cause an allergic reaction.

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