Wow Them All With Coloured Contacts Lenses

If you have not been lucky enough to be born with the eye colour that you want, and in truth not many are, you can do something about it. Coloured contacts lenses are the answer to many prayers. Now you can have the eye colour of your choice and all it takes is a few minutes of your time.

Understanding Coloured Contacts Lenses

When changing the colour of your eyes with coloured contacts lenses you need to be aware of the two major ways you can do that.

Enhancement Tint – Coloured contacts lenses that are enhanced tint are designed to enrich and deepen existing colour and not change it. This means if you have naturally blue eyes you can take them to a deeper and more interesting level with enhancements tints.

Colour Tint – Coloured contacts lenses that are colour tint are opaque lenses that dramatically change eye colour. That means that even if you have dark black eyes, you can transform them into light blue or green in seconds.

Choosing Your Best Colour

The great thing about coloured contacts lenses is that you can have blue eyes in the morning and hazel eyes at night, if you choose. Most recommend choosing a colour to match your hair shade, in reality all colours look good it is just picking the right tone or shade of colour.

For example, blue is not just blue in the coloured contacts lenses world. You have ocean blue, sapphire blue, true blue, pacific blue, Eden blue and several other shades of blue.

Plus you have different colour tones: three tones, two tones, and single tones.

Three tone coloured contacts lenses use three tones to produce a natural pattern for realistic eye colours and best for those with dark eyes.

Two tone coloured contacts lenses have a dark outer ring for contrast between the coloured lens and the white of the eyes. They also give the eye a vivid colour change.

Single tone coloured contacts lenses use only one colour with no dark outer ring. These blend in with your natural eye colour.

Not Just For Eyeglasses Wearers

Coloured contacts lenses are not just for those who need corrective lenses. They make them with or without corrective prescriptions. So start planning what colour you want your eyes tonight and start shopping!


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