Coloured contacts for first timers

How to care for coloured contacts

Clean it as you would any soft contact lenses. When you get your prescription from your eye care practitioner, you will be instructed on which lens cleaning products to use and how to use them.

How to handle the lenses

Wash your hands and dry them before handling the lenses. Water contains contaminants that are invisible to the naked eye.

Clean your lenses according to instruction and place one lens into each compartment of the lens case. Don't mix them. Each lens is immersed in the solution recommended by your practitioner. Use a lens case that distinguishes the left from the right eye.

Be gentle with your lenses and take extra care if you have long nails. They can tear quite easily.

How to try them out for free

Go to Freshlookcontacts.co.uk/colorstudio.html and try out the different colours virtually. For best results, upload a photo of yourself. Otherwise, use the existing models and try out the colours that way.

You can try the colours in three categories; natural, bright and bold. Alternatively, answer the colour composer questionnaire and have the colour recommended to you. For extra fun, click on 'makeup match' to get the perfect makeup for your new eye colour.

If you want to try out a pair for real, go to Freshlookcontacts.co.uk/html/freetrial_form.html and fill up the web form. You will instantly avail to an online certificate that you can print out and take to your local practitioner.

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