How to buy coloured contact lenses

Try out the coloured contact lenses

The fastest way to get started is by using an online service that allows you to try out the lenses virtually. Go to Freshlookcontacts.co.uk/colorstudio.html to try out now. For best results, upload a photo of yourself. Failing that, choose from among the models to try out the looks for you.

Choose from natural, bright or bold. You can use the colour composer and answer the questionnaire to have the colour recommended to you instead. You can save start over anytime and save any or all of your looks. Do register for a free online account to do this.

If you want to try out for real, request for a free trial pair through the web form.

Choose from permanent to disposable lens

For better eye hygiene, go for disposable lens. In this view, daily lens are the best as well as the most costly. Monthly lens will be the happy medium. With permanent lens, you should take extra care when you clean them.

How to buy at a low price

You can buy from the retail store or online. In either case, you should look out for discounts. Many series of certain brand names often run promotions regularly. If you are a regular colour contact lens wearer, this can save you money.

It is also possible to get different prices from different retailers. If you use contacts that are readily available in many stores, do a comparison and then stick to the store that offers the lowest price.

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