Enhance your look with coloured contact lens

Why wear coloured contact lens?

Coloured contact lens gives your eyes more depth and definition. You can choose from single colour to dual colour. Go up to three colours.

For dual and triple colours, the lens is typically ringed in black. This is what gives your eyes the most definition. The blend of colours brightens up your eyes while the natural pattern created by the colours gives your eyes depth. Now your eyes are so much more than before.

Wear a different colour everyday

With the availability of a wide range of brands in the market, you can be sure of an ever wider range of colours to choose from. For you, this spells fun. Why not own several pairs of coloured contacts and wear the colour that best suits your mood? Use your lens to match your makeup and look. You can even match your lens with what you are wearing.

How to keep your eyes fresh

You can choose to wear permanent contacts or disposable ones. Permanent contacts can last about three years. Disposable ones come in daily disposables and monthly disposables.

Although the permanent ones cost more during the initial purchase, they are obviously more economical in the long run. In fact, the shorter the lifespan, the more expensive the lens.This is however, preferable for your eye health.

As a bonus, daily lens do not require cleaning. With permanent lens, you will have to carry out intensive cleaning about once a week. For better eye health, use disposable lens.

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