Choosing the right colour palettes

Making up your face depends a lot on the look you are trying to project. Do you want to go au naturel, glamorous or striking? Defining colours that best suit you involves a little spot checking of your hair and eyes, and skin tone. The best made up face is the right combination of hair and eye colour, skin tone, and a matching wardrobe for that desired effect. Having the correct colour palettes should help you define your looks.


1. Check hair colour

There are different variations in hair colour but the common ones are black, brown to auburn, blonde, copper or red, and grey. If you have highlights in the hair or your hair turned grey, choose your original colour.

2. Match the colour of your eyes

Make the colour of the iris as the yardstick in determining the hue of your eyes which can either be black, black brown, brown, blue, grey or green. The intensity may vary such as light green, dark blue or medium grey.

3. Identify skin tone

You can do this simple exercise yourself by checking against colour selectors that are found online or in magazines. If in doubt, you can always consult a professional make up artist for an analysis. The aim of the exercise is to give an overall picture of your physical attributes and check what colour palettes suit you best.

4. Wardrobe

Your wardrobe also plays a role in determining suitable colours that will blend with your overall style. The dominant hue in your outfits determines the type of colour palettes that best go with them such as light coloured pastels (pink, salmon, light amber), neutral hues (beige, tan, white, off white, light green, medium brown), bright (orange, red, purple), and dark (black, anthracite grey, navy blue, dark brown).

5. Shop around

Most makeup colour palettes are available based on specific themes such as natural makeup, theatrical makeup or bright makeup. They can also be season-themed such as summer, winter, or autumn makeup. Often, there are enough choices of colours in each set making it convenient to use during different occasions. That is why it is important to do a quick check of your hair, eyes, skin colour to make sure that you won't buy something that will gather dust and cobwebs in your drawer.

Personality versus fashion

The choice of makeup colour palettes in the end boils down to how little or how much makeup you put on. Yes, there are also personalities among makeup users. The minimalist believes in putting as little make up as possible to give the face a natural look so an entire makeup palette won't probably be used as much in comparison to a person who is passionate about creating different and dramatic effects. This person loves to play with colours and is skillful enough to experiment and work with them. Others try to project a classical or glamorous look less the drama of bold colours.

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