All you need to know about colour contacts

How do colour contacts change my eye colour?

You can find colour contacts to suit dark or light eyes. You can change the colour of your dark brown eyes. If you have light coloured eyes, you can enhance and brighten them just by wearing colour contacts. There are plenty of colour selections for both cases.

How to wear colour contacts

You can wear colour contacts even if you don't experience short-sightedness. Of course, you will still go through an eye exam, a fitting and get a prescription from your eye care practitioner.

Wear your contacts according to instruction. If it is a monthly disposable, dispose your contacts after having opened the pack it came in after one month. If it is a daily disposable, wear your contacts no longer than one day.

Wash your hands and dry them before you clean your contacts. Water may contain contaminants that you can't see with your naked eyes. Clean according to instruction.

When not to wear contacts

Unless your contacts are meant for extended wear, do not wear them to sleep. If you are swimming with contact lenses on, you must wear goggles. Otherwise, do not wear your lenses. Do not wear your contacts where you will come into contact with heat from fumes, smoke and vapours.

Colour contact myths

The colour fades through time

This is absolutely not true.

My vision will be coloured

This cannot be true. The lenses are transparent and has no colour where your pupils are. Your vision is absolutely unobstructed.

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