Colonic irritation

Colonic irrigation has in recent years, become a treatment no longer whispered about with embarassment, and instead is embraced by celebrities and health aficionados with gusto. Why is this? Perhaps because Lady Di always praised it, which led many famous types to embrace the frankly bizarre process. However, recent research has indicated that colonic irrigation might actually do more harm than good to digestion.

One lady who suffered after having the treatment told the Daily Mail, 'Far from feeling less bloated, I felt as if a balloon had been blown up in my body. When I went back three days later for the second irrigation the therapist told me the pains were normal and due to my bowels working properly for the first time. The second treatment was less uncomfortable, although I did pass some pebbly matter, which she said was waste that had been trapped in the bowel crevices. Halfway through the treatment, I started to feel extremely nauseous and within a few seconds I had the most awful diarrhoea followed by horrific cramps. Quite apart from six months of stomach upset, £180 of my very hard earned money went, almost literally, down the drain. Now that does make me feel like a fool.’

Dr Misouri from Georgetown University in the US agreed, saying, 'More should be done to inform people that this procedure can carry significant health risks. I believe colonic irrigation is not something that should be done by anyone who is not a doctor or a nurse. Eat good food, plenty of fibre, exercise and your bowels will work fine. I won’t be recommending colonic irrigation to my patients.’

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