Collaboration perfection

Nicola Roberts' star ascended long before she had made a name for herself amidst the collective fashion consciousness of London, testing the latest styles and trends whilst supporting homegrown UK talent, such as Henry Holland, and those who have already contributed to making our nation's sense of fashion inspirational, names such as Vivienne Westwood.

Roberts, along with Cheryl Tweedy and three other lucky hopefuls from around the UK formed Girls Aloud, the most successful UK girl band of all time. It's in this direction now, that we find that former shy, reserved, porcelain princess returning to for her first major venture with soon-to-be released album 'Cinderella's Eyes.'

Taking the unique opportunity to combine two of her passions, Roberts was taken under the wing of acclaimed American designer Atalanta Weller to create a one-off pair of jewelled wedges, Vogue Online reveals. Although Roberts appears on the cover of first single 'Beat of my drum' sporting a fantastic set of hot pink heels, these towering creations feature on the album cover itself and will also be used to adorn Roberts during promotional expeditions.

Weller reveals the star was intimately involved in each detail of the project, from concept right through to execution:

'After our first meeting I was excited by her ideas and collaborating with people who have a strong vision is really fantastic. Nicola considers everything she does really carefully and has a totally clear view of what she wants to achieve. While the shoes are just a small part of this, I knew it would be interesting and fun to work together.'

Although the shoes wouldn't be available for fans and trendsetters to lay their hands on, Weller promises that her Spring/Summer 2012 signature collection will involve the basic trademark design of the wedges.

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