Using cocoa oil on hair - benefits

Yes, cocoa oil is the ingredient and not coconut or olive oil that we are taking about. Made from extracts of cocoa beans, the oil separated from cacao beans produces an edible and rich fat used as an ingredient in various haircare products including shampoos, conditioners, and hair sprays.

How is cocoa oil extracted?

Cocoa oil is extracted when the beans are mature. First, harvesting techniques have to be right as the cacao pods are needed in the manufacture of this amazing oil. When the oil is extracted from cocoa beans, it has a smell similar to roasted cacao beans. The techniques of separating the oil from the cacao pods include boiling or roasting the cacao beans. Special machines are also used to get cocoa oil with the process taking several hours.The by-product is then used for commercial purposes as well as in the cosmetics industry.

Cocoa oil on hair - benefits

Cacao in its pure form is very healthy and safe since it is all-natural. Cocoa oil, as a by-product, is also wholesome and unadulterated. It is not only used for commercial food products, but also cosmetics. One of the ways it is used is to add cocoa oil or butter to skincare and hair products. It is an ingredient in lotions, shampoos, conditions and sprays with deep moisturising characteristics. Cocoa oil is a great alternative to shea butter which is gluey.

Years of intensive research have shown that cocoa oil is good for the skin, including the hair. Cacao has anti-oxidant, relaxing and nourishing properties making hair shiny, glossy, and healthy. Cocoa oil is a good option for hot oil treatments as well to give hair extra moisturising. It can even be used as a styling product or pomade for frizzy or 'difficult to control' hair.

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