We take a look at Crocs clogs and FitFlops sandals

As the popularity of Crocs clogs and FitFlops sandals, among many of the other specialist forms of footwear around these days continues to increase, shoppers are starting to become more and more clued in about what exactly it is they need and want from their footwear. Gone are the days when any old shoe would do, instead we demand shoes that mould themselves to the contours of our feet, reducing impact strains and back problems, and giving us a workout while we walk.

Birkenstocks were the original shoe to take the former approach, offering its wearers supreme comfort as the inside of the shoe adapted to suit the wearer's feet, delivering relief from back, knee, hip and thigh problems, while improving posture and making sure that the user could comfortably wear the shoe for long durations.

Next we had the arrival of Crocs clogs. Originally among some of the most hideous shoes we have ever seen, especially thanks to their obscenely bright and vivid colours, the brand has now matured and developed into an altogether more tasteful beast that offers us comfort as well as style, and all for a better price than you would probably have thought.

The latest company to get involved with this side of the marker is FitFlops. They offer their customers what they claim to be unsurpassed toning potential simply by wearing their products instead of regular footwear throughout the day. They claim that their shoes can not only tone the thighs and calves, but also the bottom, while reducing the chance of back injury or irritation of existing joint problems.

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