Clip in hair extensions uk - beautiful hair is only a click away!

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Clip in hair extensions UK can either be located on your high street or by simply clicking on various online stores. The important thing to know is which colour closest resembles your own hair as this can be the telltale sign that you're wearing extensions.

There are many stockists on eBay that specialise in hair extensions and you can buy any colour, in any length for as little as £19.99 for a full head. What it's always good to know is the weight of the hair, some may advertise their hair as suitable for a full head but when you see the actual weight you know that realistically you will need two packs, and ensure that the seller takes returns in case it arrives and it looks a totally different colour than what you thought you were ordering. Another way of staying online is to only use sellers that accept Paypal. This means that you can claim your money back should the product arrive faulty or not arrive at all.

Sites like cliphair.co.uk offer a staggering array of colours and lengths of different types of hair extensions. Here you can also choose between straight or wavy extensions. The lengths start at 10 inches which would be ideal for everyday usage and go up to the ultra glamorous 26 inch extensions which would be quite hard to manage unless you were used to wearing such a long length and also will be heavier on your hair. As this site has only recently launched, they are offering a discount of 20% when you spend £50 or more and also free postage worldwide


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