Best clip in hair extensions for short hair

Your hair is too short and you want it longer, right now? Are you going through that middle – length phase and you just can't deal with it any more? The solution to you rproblem, a very common one, is called extension. And, more specifically, clip in hair extensions for short hair.

Easy to use

Clip in hair extensions provide volume and length. They come in easy to apply, ready made set and the best quality you can get is 100% Indian Remy Human Hair. One of the best known brands of clip in hair extensions for short hair is Halo (http://www.halohairextensions.com/).

First of all, find the perfect match for your natural hair colour, or whichever you are wearing at the moment: http://www.halohairextensions.com/match-your-hair.aspx

Here you will find a choice of 30 accurate nuances, or you can email them a recent picture of yourself and ask them to match the colour for you (the form is at the bottom left of the page.

)Once you're done with the colour, select the length: remember that your hair extensions shouldn't be more than twice the length of your normal hair.

Halo's clip in extensions come with a lifetime warranty, meaning you can use them over and over again, provided you take good care of them. And in case they break or become loose, you can get them repaired or replaced with no extra costs.

They are extremely easy to use: all Halo clip-in extensions come fully prepared with the clips already sewn on for you, ready to be worn straight out of the package. Check this video to find out how easy it really is:


It will also give you an idea of how many extensions you may need to turn your style from short to long.

Prices for Halo clip-ins range from £59 to £99 on the official website, but check ebay if you want to spend a little less.

It's real hair, treat it like your own!

Once your clip in hair extensions for short hair is in, you can straighten or curl it just as you would do with your normal hair – in fact, better using a heat protector spray and genrally treat your extension with the same love and respect you should your own hair.

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