About Claires Accessories

The target market of Claires Accessories is unashamedly teenage girls. The advertising on their website mentions looking trendy at school. Girls just becoming old enough to go shopping for the first time will likely head to Claires Accessories for items like hair accessories, jewellery and the like as they are very affordable.

To fit in with the teen market, the prices of pieces of jewellery are very low. Expect to find jewellery for as low as £1 for things like some earrings or bracelets.

Obviously with the prices being so low, the quality is not fantastic. Many of the pieces are made of plastic and come in bright colours. Others pieces are plastic and covered in metallic paint to make them look more expensive.

Some decent quality items can be found in the store. Scarves, belts, gloves, hats and bags are all well made and often seasonal. With the quality of these items being a little better, expect to pay a little more too.

Claire's Accessories originally started in the UK but has grown into a global brand. Such is the price of much of the accessories, shoppers can buy different colours of the same pieces in order to match with different outfits. This is almost pick n mix shopping.

A Claire's Accessories shop can be found on most UK high streets. However, if you don't want to go hunting round the shops, then you can simply use their website for all your shopping needs. Their website has different versions depending upon the country you are in.


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