Last minute Christmas dinner party makeup tips

Ok, so you got all the glitter and gold, but how are you going to use them? Make sure you neither overdo or look shabby at the most important dinner of the festive season. The secret is in keeping the balance between your personal style and the man yfabulous ideas out there, without going overboard. Let's take a look at some last minute Christmas dinner party makeup tips to update your style into the perfect look for this festive season.

Golden lips and smokey eyes...

Here are some fab ideas for a perfect Christmas dinner party makeup. The must for this festive season is definitely gold. The trend for everything gold has been pushing since the summer, so we believe that by now it has invadedy our beauty purse as well.

But again, what we want to achive for this special night is a look that is festive and trendy but not tacky, so here are some precious tips for all of us gold-lovers:

For you lips, you can add the glamours touch of gold to virtually every nuance. Just layer your favourite lipstick with a gold lipstick or lip gloss on top for a special shine.

Apply your top choice lipstick colour first, then dub in some gold lip gloss, or a whole extra layer of gold lipstick. The result will be a glamorous, trendy shine. Just don't forget to bring both lipsticks out fortopping up after dinner!

Match the shiny golden lips with dark, smokey eyes - find a great tutorial for smokey eyes here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VD47yv2NfMw

If you have some gold powder, this is the right time to use it. For your cheeks, dust lightly using a little gold powder with a large brush. Apply gently also on your breastbone and cleavage. Again, the rule is not to overdo it. A sprinkle of golden dust is enough to look festive.

... or golden eyes and dark red lips

You may wish to reverse the effect, using the gold subtly on your eyes and highlighting the lips with a classic dark red instead. In this case, choose a good foundation that makes your skin glow for the perfect base.

Keep the eyes makeup low key. Just use a black or dark brown eye pencil and dub your lids with a gold eyeshadow and, of course, use your best black mascara.

Lastly, highlight the lips with a dark red lipstick for the perfect Christmas dinner party makeup.

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