Christmas 2013: top beauty gift ideas selected for you by Excite UK

Shisheido Ibuki

Shisheido Ibuki is a full beauty treament that provides to your skin a better and younger look. This range of lotions are specifically designed for all kind of skins. Shisheido Ibuki is based on Phyto-Resist Complex, an innovation that hydratates your skin cells and gives you an extra protection against external agressions. After four weeks using it, 96% women that have tried Shisheido Ibuki confirm that their skin look better than at the begining. A professional item that you can buy online for a moderate price.

Paris by YSL

This new perfume from Yves Saint Laurent is a sophisticate scent in a classy jewel-like bottle. It has all the necessary characteristics to be defined as a classic French perfume: feminine, elegant and fresh, the perfect present for all those ladies in love with Paris and its romantic spirit.

Gold by Jay Z

Rapper Jay Z is not only a big name in music, fashion and sports-business, he does perfumes too. His scent for men called ‘Gold Jay Z’ was been created by both Ilias Ermenidis, an established perfumer at Firmenich, and Jay Z himself! It has been launched on Black Friday and its retail price ranges between $39 and $79 depending on the size.

Beauty Without Cruelty

We all know these days it could be quite hard to find out exactly what the beauty products we see advertised are made of, what kind of testing processes they have been subjected to and how ethical these tests actually are. And if you have a vegan girlfriend on your Christmas list, finding the perfect gift can be tricky. Luckily, there are some companies out there that are deeply committed to catering for the conscious ones. Beauty Without Cruelty is one of those. Being in the cruelty-free cosmetics business for over 30 years has made it one of the most highly rated producer capable of delivering a wide range of quality products guaranteed to be environmental-friendly and made with natural pure ingredients 100% suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

Naked 3 Palette by Urban Decay

The Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay has 12 rose shaded colours, very romantic and with a good pigmentation, long lasting and easy to soften. The Naked 1 has more copper tones while the the Naked 2 privileges the nude. Naked 3 promises delicate, elegant and natural colours. The launch is expected in the US on 8 December while for Europe the product should be sold on Sephora’s website. Make-up lovers are already excited for the launch! It would be the perfect Christmas gift!

Solo by Loewe

Solo by Loewe is a faboulous perfume made in Spain. This brand from Madrid launched this perfume in 2004 and over the years it has established itself as one of the must have scent all over the world. An intense perfume ideal for the night, featuring fresh fruity notes with exotic and citrus-like undertones. An excellent, modern masculine scent that won’t pass unnoticed, 'Solo' by Loewe is different and recognizable due to its intense components.

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Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel

Launched in 2001, Coco Mademoiselle by Chanel perfectly embodies the brand’s modern/ classic feeling, which makes this women’s perfume a great gift for Christmas 2013. Coco Mademoiselle was originally meant to cater for the younger Chanel fans, but it’s really a fragrance enjoyed by every age. With notes of orange, bergamot and roses, it’s lovely woody scent of patchouli and vanilla will still be on your skin after a hard day’s work.

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