Christian Dior's Golden Winter opulent makeup collection for Christmas 2013

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Christian Dior’s beauty offering for this Christmas 2013 comes under the name Golden Winterand is inspired by the brilliance of gold and the magical lights of the Versailles Palace on a winter evening.

This opulent, but limited makeup collection for the holiday festivities is all about intriguing and glamorous looks, glitter and reflections and its shimmery and precious packaging.

“I create so that each and every woman is the most beautiful“ said Christian Dior, and while most of us cannot afford Dior’s stunning haute couture fashion, we can splurge a little this Christmas to get that look that Tyen, Creator of Colors for Dior has created with the Golden Winter Makeup Collection to showcase a luminous complexion, metallic lips, couture nails and gold eyes.

Let’s take a closer look at what the French maison is offering for this holiday season.

The skin is illuminated with Diorific Perfumed Illuminating Powder that is scented with a hint of J’adore fragrance and decorated with Massaï necklace pearls.

This powder comes in two warm and luminescent shades: Rose D’Or, a pink-toned powder with shimmer, and Perle d’Or, that is a champagne hue with both are infused with flecks of mother of pearl for brilliant radiance and the product comes with velveteen pouch with a little pocket for the applicator brush.

The the iconic Diorblush has two new limited edition shades for the Winter Collection: Gold Addict and My Rose.

Diorific Lipstick is new formula with metallic reflections and comes in six fabulous shades: Diva – ruby red, Etoile – frosted beige, Joy –glossy rosewood, Royale – rose gold, Winter – brown raspberry and Minuit – fuchsia.

There's also the Golden Winter Addict Gloss to put even more shine on the lips and features names inspired by fairy tales: Enchanted Rose and Pink Fantasy.

Diorific Nail Lacquer are true statement pieces.

You'll find four shades to choose from: Winter, which is pink gold, Royale is fuchsia, Minuit is plum and last year’s bestseller Marilyn that is a ruby red, and not content Dior has also created the Diorific Duo Manucure Bijou, a gold nail lacquer accompanied by crystalline micro-pearls that are gently dusted onto the gold nail polish to create a 3D manicure.

To create captivating eyes Dior features the 5 Couleurs Eye Palette that features one of Christian Dior's talisman: the star.

The first is Golden Snowwith snow gray, purple, bronze and pink hues, while the other is Golden Flower with shades of gold, copper, peach and pink, but there’s also the 3-Couleurs Glow Palette that features shades in a single, sliding palette, in order to recreate the nude and graphic look of the catwalks that we’ve seen this season and is called Rosewood Glow.

There’s also the Dior Diorshow Fusion Mono eye shadow and Dior Highlighter & Liner to complete this seductive collection.

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