How to choose a home hair colour

Have you always thought about changing hair colour just for fun? Alternatively, perhaps your grey hair is getting to be a bit much and you are ready to add some colour and excitement. These days, women can easily choose a home hair colour, dye their hair and walk into the office tomorrow with a great new look. Learn how to match your new colour to your skin type for excellent results.

Hair colouring

Changing your hair colouring can be a lot of fun. When you choose a new home hair colour, you need to pay particular attention to the colour and shade. There are a great many choices, but picking the wrong colour can be disastrous. Consider these tips when purchasing hair colour.

Hair colouring basics

Hair colour ranges from one to 10 based on the darkest to lightest colours. Black is normally number 1 and the darkest colour, while the lightest colour is platinum blond at 10. The best rule of thumb when colouring your hair is to make a gradual change and colour your hair no more than two shades darker or lighter. Of course, you also have the option of maintaining your current hair colour staying at the same shade to cover grey or add shine.

Compliment skin tone

If your skin tone is olive, look for rich browns, deep reds or dark colours. For those women with pink skin tone, consider light blond colours or ash and avoid golden or strawberry shades. Women with very light pale skin would do well to stay away from very dark or black shades, which make them, look even paler.

Experimenting with hair colour

The fun part about changing hair colour is experimenting. Be careful to use semi-permanent colours, which eventually wash out in as little as 12 washes.

Pick a new colour if you want a big change or experiment with highlights for a new look.

Hair colouring supplies

When you choose a home hair colour, consider the popular all-in-one kits. Kits include everything you need and are easy to use. Kits can be found in a number of grocery stores, pharmacies and beauty supply stores. They are relatively inexpensive and contain pre-measured amounts, conditioners, developers and an application bottle.

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