Choo-San Body-Art for Halloween

With Halloween coming up, you might be hard-pressed for some good ideas this year. But, if you're handy with paints and looking for a cheap, easy costume, you could try some inspiration from 19 year-old Choo-San, whose body-art has gone viral as some of the creepiest, most surreal realistic imagery.

    Choo-San Body-Art

Types of Art

Choo-San and her body-art collection of surreal realistic imagery started when she was in University studying for an exam. Procrastinating, she began drawing eyes on her hands and eventually moved to painting with acrylics.

Now, Choo-San paints models with various types of realistic imagery, including zips on models, laces on feet, electronic panels for batteries, plub sockets, switches and additional eyes or mouths. By using acrylic paints and creating shadows, Choo-San's body-art looks 3D and realistic, even close up.

Although some of her imagery have been spread across the internet as tattoos, all of Choo-San's work and body-art is painted and none is permanent. Currently, Choo-San only draws body-art on selected models, so it isn't possible to have your own custom art unless you meet the artist yourself!

How to Paint the Body Art

If you're particularly good at painting, you can recreate Choo-San's work by simply using acrylic paint. The actual process of creating the body-art is unknown, but much of the realism from the imagery comes from the use of shadows to create 3D, stand-out imagery and dynamic pictures.

However, if you're looking to create body-art for a party or Halloween, remember that acrylic paints can easily rub or wash off. You may consider finding a liquid solution or spray to keep the paint on, or an alternative body paint with higher resistence than acrylics.

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Choo-San's Art

If you're looking for some inspiration, or to view Choo-San body-art out of curiousity, you can visit her website at Flavors.me/chooosan and view her latest work, upcoming projects and previous body-art projects. Her work is also available on Facebook pages, a Twitter feed and can be viewed on Deviantart, all linked through the site.

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