Chilli pill hailed as new wonder drug

There's a new dieting wonder drug on the market, hailed by celebs from Brad Pitt, to ex wife Jennifer Aniston. The pills, called Capsiplex, stimulate metabolism, burning fat, raising oxygenation rates - all by harnessing the power of...chillis, and a spot of caffeine.

Dr Carel le Roux, from Imperial Weight Centre in London backs up the claims that chilli's can speed up metablism,'There is some pretty strong science behind the theory that chilli boosts metabolic rate which, in turn, burns energy. We know that chilli stimulates receptors in the bowel to generate heat.'

Brilliant! Wonderful! Get me to the nearest Capsiplex supplier pronto! Er, hand on a second. It's a 'wonder drug' - you didn't think this would just be a puff-piece persuading you to get hooked, did you? There are side effects, alas...

A chilli pill consumer told The Daily Mail,'I started to feel panicky and was experiencing what I can only describe as hot flushes,' she says. 'I felt warm physically and on edge mentally. I couldn't keep still, I was edgy and tapping on the desk and getting up and down every five minutes.

Dr Carel confirmed that more analysis needs to be done on the effectiveness of the 'wonder pills', 'The question, however, is whether or not after a period of time those receptors are switched off, and we think that this is probably what happens. The truth is that while the short-term studies - for example the one carried out in Oklahoma - are pretty conclusive, no one has done long-term studies'

So, what do you think? Wonder drug or yet another hyped-up caffeine pill?

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