Cheryl Cole tattoos and old age

Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole made controversial tattoos on her bottom which critics say might harm her one day. The giant rose tattoo covering her bottom and extending to her lower back is to say the least intriguing and makes an impact. But what happens when Cole reaches her 60's? Will these tattoos still look hot?

Getting inked

Having a tattoo is definitely in these days from celebrities and stars to personalities and the average person on the street. Not everyone loves them, but an inked design can look pretty, sexy and alluring if done properly and tastefully.

However, bear in mind that tattoos are permanent marks and removing them from the body is as difficult and painful as getting them. For example, recording artist Cheryl Cole inked tattoos on her body. She is widely photographed and is often referred to as a fashionista by the media. She has posed for British Vogue, Elle and Harper’s. Cheryl also worked on both the British and American X-Factor shows. Her tattoos equally received the same amount of attention with American actress Megan Fox saying,” I don’t know that many British girls, but what’s her surname? Cheryl? Cheryl Cole, yeah, she’s hot, and I love her tattoos.”

The giant rose tattoo covers her bottom and lower back. At the moment, the art work looks great on the body of the 30-year old singer and television personality. However, as everyone knows, no one lives forever. As one ages, tattoos on the body can have other repercussions because it is hard to defy the gravity of age. Eventually, these tattoos will fade. The pigment sets in further in the epidermis as one becomes old. Tattoos get degraded and distorted with less vivid and lighter colours.

The bright spot

The good news is, contrary to belief, ink marks which heal properly carry no health risks. On the bright side, in this day and age, tattoos can always be retouched and refreshed. We just wonder how Cheryl Cole and her tattoos will look like 30 years later and if at that age, the marks still look sexy and beautiful on a sagging and less tight skin.

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