Cheryl Cole luscious hair: colour, styles and changes

Oh Cheryl! She's been charming us with her looks and lock since 2002 and doesn't appear to be stopping any time soon. In this short guide we will explore some of Cheryl Cole's best haircuts, colours and styles.

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Cheryl Cole loves changing hairstyle, and even if the changes are not extreme they still bring on transformation in her style, makeup and look – she really does look like a different Cheryl every time!

The secret of her sophisticated style is that she never takes too much of a turn away from her natural looks. In fact, as a with amazing hair Cheryl tends to prefer gradual colour changes rather than abrupt switches. We have seen her recurrent cycles of lightening then darkening again, from soft honey-highlighted shades back to warm brunette, with short spells of darker brown or even auburn red, just to go spicy chocolate and then honey blonde dip dye.

As she declared in 2013, Cheryl simply loves experimenting with hair colour – she is after all testimonial for L'Oreal Paris and its Feria hair colour range! But the Geordie diva always goes back to brown, as the colour she feels most comfortable with, because it is closer to her natural nuance.

Also, we are used to see Cheryl with a lot of hair: her hair is definitely thick, and she clearly enjoys it this way! Whether she wears it longer or shorter ( although the shorter we have seen her in is shoulder length), her locks are mostly wavy, sometimes mermaid style, sometimes centre parted and cascading, always full of volume and character.

You will rarely spot Cheryl with her long locks tied back, although her beautiful facial feature certainly suit the slicked back style. Most likely, she will parade her hair flowing free, or in a loose updo. Whatever the style or colour, Cheryl's amazing locks are certainly one of the strong point of her appeal.

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