Cheryl goes for the burn

So Chezza's accent doesn't seem to have caused too many translation mishaps in the States yet, but the struggle doesn't end there. As any young starlet making her name in LA knows only too well, what you say is only half the battle - this town is all about how you look, kiddo.

She's a wise lass, though, is Cheryl, and she's not taking any chances. The X Factor judge has turned to the fitness expert and guru to pretty much every A-lister, Tracy Anderson, to help her get into perfect shape for US TV. According to Grazia, Anderson will have Cheryl eating 14 servings of pureed infant food a day, and doing a two-hour workout, six days a week. Woah!

Anderson famously worked with Gwyneth Paltrow to get her bod perfectly toned for her appearance in Glee so Cheryl is hoping she'll be able to get her (already pretty amazing) figure looking super-fit for all those cutting edge dresses she'll (hopefully) be wearing during the show's run. Cheryl did a great job of championing young British designers on the UK version of the X Factor so fingers crossed she keeps up the good work on the US show. Cheryl - your country needs you!

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